Chief Executive Officer Message

The National Center for Waste Management is working to regulate all waste management activities in the Kingdom, except for radioactive waste, by adopting integrated solutions for waste management and its priorities (waste reduction, reuse and recycling) to ensure the protection of the environment and public health.

We will work to exclude approximately 82% of all waste produced in the Kingdom from landfills by 2035 and transform them from environmental burdens into added economic value that contribute to creating an investment environment that supports economic growth.

At the National Center for Waste Management, we seek to achieve the financial sustainability of the system by developing financing and working models for the sector to improve the efficiency of the system and to reinforce the principle of resource conservation and sustainability.

On the other hand, we will work with success partners to build capacity for workers in the waste management system in all sectors, whether governmental, private or non-profit, as well as raise awareness in society to achieve the sector's goals.